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I used to go to other sites to purchase my toys. Started to get frustrated with them because they would constantly mess up my order. They would always ship me the wrong product and then I would get charged TWICE! Finally found these guys at ComeNPlay and it’s like night and day. These guys know what they’re doing. I just want someone who’s reliable and these guys are doing a pretty good job at it.
Mark L.
Wow. Comenplay delivers! Take that how you want! Ordered the Daydream in purple and got it super quick! Everything came in order and discreetly. Happy with my purchase.
Vanessa A.
This is the first time I’ve ever bought “toys”. I was always scared to go into a store. I did a quick Google search and found this website. I was so happy to be able to shop in my own comfort and what made it even better is that the package was sent discreetly. No one knew what I got and I got asked all sorts of questions. Thanks for making this easy on me and my partner!
Been shopping here for years now. Always get what I order on time and great customer service. Thats why I always come back, plus I love sex toys, LOL.
Sandra P
Love my rabbit vibe that I got here.Got shipped to the post office right close to my house in a plain box. Nobody knows what I got but me.I pickedit up in person.Thats what I love about comenplay.Always discreet and private. Thank you!!!
Victoria H.
These guys have everything!! Huge selection and more important I know my product is real.Thats peice of mind,and thats why I dont go anywhere else.Thanks comenplay. See you soon!
Chris D
Me and my husband where having boring sex for a longtime. Never tried sex toys. I am so happy we did though, and added so much spice to our bedroom and relationship.When I had a question, I just asked on the live chat and they answered all my questions. MERCI !!!


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