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  • electro stimulation

Why Electro-Stimulation Sex Toys Are Creating Quite a Buzz!

If you've never tried an electro stimulation toy, you're in for a huge treat. What exactly are they? They're a form of high-tech erotic play that's literally all the buzz! Electro-stimulation toys are engineered to [...]

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  • sex toys for older adults

Sex Toys for Older Adults

If you're an older adult, you may wonder if there are any adult toys designed for your unique needs. According to a new study by the AARP, the vast majority older people say sex is [...]

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  • valentines-day-gifts

The Sexiest Valentine’s Day Gifts For Couples

Are you looking for an incredible Valentine's Day gift for that special someone? This year, consider forgoing the flowers and chocolate for a wonderful toy that will ignite the flames of passion in your relationship. [...]

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Ring in the New Year with the Best Sex Toys for 2018

Why not celebrate the New Year with the latest and greatest new toys? We’re so excited about these recent arrivals that we couldn’t wait to share them with you! They’re some of the hottest new [...]

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Sexy Stocking Stuffers for 2017

A wonderful naughty present inside a Christmas stocking is a great way to give your partner a sexy gift, which will also provide great benefits for your own erotic life! To make the selection easier [...]

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  • g-spot

Top 5 G-Spot Vibrators

Are you fed-up with your boyfriend struggling to find your G-spot? We don’t blame you! The G-spot is the most elusive erogenous zone, as it’s located on the inner front wall of the vagina. Your [...]

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The Sexiest Costumes for Halloween (or Any Night of the Year!)

Looking for an exciting and sexy way to celebrate Halloween this year? Forget about trick-or-treating! Now, you can give your partner the biggest treat of his life while wearing one of our super sexy costumes. [...]

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  • toys

Are Sex Toys Becoming Too Smart?

Imagine if a stranger walking down the street was able to see the sex toy you’re using in the privacy of your bedroom…. and also take over the controls! Think it sounds like science fiction? [...]

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  • sex toys

Top 5 Reasons to Use Sex Toys With Your Boyfriend

Sex Toys Help Your Boyfriend Get Better at Sex. There’s no denying that sex toys help men become more skilled lovers. Why? Sex toys allow your boyfriend to get to know your needs and what [...]

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  • sex toys

How to Safely Clean Your Sex Toys

After enjoying your sex toys, it's crucial to immediately wash them. And you need to wash them after each use even if you weren’t with a partner. If you neglect to clean them, you run [...]

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  • sex furniture

Spice Up Your Bedroom With Sex Furniture

You know all about adult toys, but did you know that sex furniture also enhances intimacy and makes your sex life more exciting? Sex furniture add innovation and excitement to your erotic life by making [...]

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  • oral sex

The Revolutionary Sex Toy That Mimics Oral Sex!

Think a sex toy that stimulates oral sex for women sounds too good to be true? Think again! Now, you no longer have to beg your squeamish boyfriend for some downstairs action! The ORA was [...]

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  • remote-controlled sex toys

Top 5 Remote-Controlled Sex Toys

You’re in for a treat if you’ve never used a remote-controlled sex toy! You’ll love how they offer many more thrills than your traditional toys. ComeNPlay.ca’s many remote controlled sex toys combine high-tech and high [...]

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  • sex doll

Sex Doll of the Future

The toy industry is about to introduce a $15,000 sex robot called “Harmony.” Harmony is able to smile, frown, speak, laugh, tell jokes, learn certain things, and fully cater to the sexual desires of her [...]

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  • sex toys

The Sex Toys of Ancient China

The people of ancient China were way ahead of their time with their use of early sex toys, which were seen in the oldest pornographic images ever discovered and erotic sex devices dating back to [...]

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  • vibrators

The Rolls Royce of Vibrators

Back in 1968, the giant Japanese company, Hitachi, created an innovative vibrating muscle massager intended to relieve tension, aches and pains throughout the body. It proved so effective, Hitachi decided to call it the Magic [...]

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  • sex dolls

The History of Sex Dolls

Throughout history, men who were without a partner turned to sex dolls for fulfillment. Dutch Sailors in the seventeenth century were among the first to invent crude sex dolls, creating them out of sewn cloth [...]

By |May 8th, 2017|General Discussion|1 Comment
  • smart sex toys

Smart Sex Toys

You may own a smart phone, a smart TV and a smart watch, and now you can own smart sex toys. Think robot male masturbation aids, remote controlled vibrators, and sex toys that allow you [...]

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  • best sex toys for men

The 5 Best Sex Toys For Men

For decades, adult toys have been primarily a female dominated market. The vast majority of sex toy manufacturers put women’s needs first. One reason is because there’s been more of a social stigma around men [...]

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  • sex toy spying

Is Your Sex Toy Spying on You?

Think a sex toy with built-in surveillance sounds far fetched? Think again! While ComeNPlay.ca would never sell toys with spy capabilities, Canadian toy company We-Vibe actually created a “smart” vibrator that tracked users’ sexual activities [...]

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  • pleasure bags

Pleasure Bags Designed Just For You

We’re proud to carry over 6,000 of the finest sex toys from the leading brands in the world. But we know selecting the right toy for yourself or a partner can often feel overwhelming, especially [...]

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  • Valentines Day Sex Toys

The Sexiest Valentine’s Day Sex Toys

The sexiest holiday of the year is right around the corner. Why not surprise your partner or special friend with something a bit more exciting than flowers and candy? Make this Valentine’s Day sizzle between [...]

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  • What is Hysteria


Did you know the vibrator was initially created by doctors to relieve women’s “hysteria” during the Victorian era? A great place to start learning about the history of the vibrator is the entertaining 2011 British [...]

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  • adult sex toys canada

The Most Amazing Sex Toys for Under $25.00

Are you looking for a powerful sex toy, but can’t afford the more expensive models that are loaded with bells and whistles? Many people mistakenly assume the highest quality toys must cost an arm and [...]

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  • adult sex toys canada

The Sex Toys of Dr. Laura Berman

Nothing spells reliability and trust more than sex toys designed and endorsed by one of the world’s leading doctors! Meet Dr. Laura Berman. assistant professor of psychiatry and gynecology at the Feinberg School of Medicine [...]

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  • adult toys gift ideas

Sexy Stocking Stuffers

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, ComeNPlay.ca has you covered with the most terrific sexy stocking stuffers for the holidays or any special occasion throughout the year. ComeNPlay.ca is also proud to announce engraving is [...]

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  • lelo inez

The $15,000 Sex Toy

Actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, recently endorsed a $15,000 vibrating personal massager on her blog, the Inez. The Inez was created by the high end adult toy brand, LELO, and personally selected by film superstar, Paltrow for [...]

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  • luxury adult sex toys

Top Six Luxury Adult Sex Toys

While ComenPlay.ca is proud to sell over 6,000 adult sex toys that suit every budget and sexual proclivity, many toys are specifically sought out for their luxurious high end features. In fact, most luxury sex [...]

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  • vibrators

The Best Adult Toys for Beginners

Have you been tempted to purchase your first sex toy, but don’t know where to begin? It’s understandable why selecting a toy can be confusing for first-time users. Today, there are literally thousands of sex [...]

By |October 19th, 2016|General Discussion, Safety Tips|1 Comment
  • Halloween Adult Sex Toys Canada

Frightfully Fun Sex Toys for Halloween

Are you planning a Halloween party? Or, looking for delightfully spooky Halloween costumes and gifts? Halloween is fast approaching, and let’s face it, it’s not just kids who deserve to enjoy this special day, adults [...]

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