Throughout history, men who were without a partner turned to sex dolls for fulfillment. Dutch Sailors in the seventeenth century were among the first to invent crude sex dolls, creating them out of sewn cloth or old clothing for sexual gratification during long sea voyages. The Dutch sold some of these early crude sex dolls to Japanese men during the Rangaku period. To this day, the Japanese continue to use the term “Dutch wives” to refer to sex dolls.

A persistent rumor is that Hitler ordered his SS commanders to create sex dolls for German soldiers during World War II. According to legend, Hitler wanted to prevent soldiers from having sex with non-Aryan women. While nobody knows if this is true, the sex doll does have origins in Germany.

In the late twentieth century, there were many technological advancements in the design of commercial sex dolls. By the 1970s, silicone, latex and vinyl were the most common materials used in the manufacture of sex dolls, and high quality silicone gave them a realistic quality never seen before. They became more and more lifelike, with incredibly realistic skin, hair, vagina, anus, mouth and penis. Most dolls consisted of a full body, but others were just a pelvis, head or other partial body part, which often contained a vibrating feature. Dolls also boasted highly styled wigs, lifelike glass eyes, feet and hands. Some of them were engineered to have body parts filled with water, such as the buttocks or breasts.

The least expensive sex dolls are typically inflatable with air, and lack the realism of higher quality dolls. They contain a cheaply designed penis or vagina, but because they’re inexpensive, many consumers overlook their limitations. After only a few uses, they usually fall apart. But since they’re quite commonly given as gag gifts, they may never be used for sex play at all. Some dolls are printed with a photo of a porn star, super model and other well-known personalities. Other novelty sex dolls are often used for fetish purposes and include overweight, elderly and alien dolls, and dolls that represent various professions. carries a full line of sex dolls from the most trusted brands to suit every budget. Click here to browse our extensive selection.