You’re in for a treat if you’ve never used a remote-controlled sex toy! You’ll love how they offer many more thrills than your traditional toys.’s many remote controlled sex toys combine high-tech and high performance for mind-blowing pleasure at a distance!

You’ll find more opportunities for gratification with your partner or alone, and remote-controlled toys bring more excitement both in and out of the bedroom.

Remote-controlled toys are radio controlled with enough strength to operate at a distance typically at a distance between 12 to 39 feet. Incredibly, they’re so powerful, some toys are able to work underwater and even through walls. Using cutting edge technology, you can literally feel what your partner is experiencing from across a room. carries the highest quality remote controlled sex toys on the market at the most affordable prices. Here are our top 5 to make the selection process easier for you:

Lyla 2:

The Lyla 2 is a gorgeous bullet-style vibrator with a wireless remote control that responds to movement. It offers you discreet pleasure and over-the-moon excitement 24/7 wherever you may go. For those with an adventuresome spirit, the Lyla 2 can be used secretly in public through its discreet remote control. You can use the remote for solo super-charged stimulation, or allow your partner to be in charge of the remote to a partner so they’ll be able to “surprise” stimulate you whenever they feel like it! It is even an inclusive sex toy that couples can use together because your partner can be in control of the remote control. You’ll love the 8 intense pleasure settings for sensational G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

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Oden 2:

The Oden 2 is truly a ring leader! Oden 2 is the world’s most advanced vibrating couples’ ring, and it’s specifically designed for men to be worn during sex. It helps men enhance erections and last longer, while delivering incredible vibrations to his partner’s clitoris. Using the wireless remote, you or your partner will be able to alternate between advanced SenseMotion technology and 6 additional powerful stimulation settings. With its super strong motor, you’ll be able to intensify or lessen the speed of the vibrations with a tilt of your hand.

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Hugo is a revolutionary remote-controlled prostate massager. Using cutting edge and advanced sense motion, it responds to the movement of your hand for ultimate customization of your pleasuring. You’ll love its silky smooth silicone body that’s contoured for the most comfortable fit. It contains a uniquely designed insertable bulbed end to expertly massage your P-spot, along with a curved tip that super-stimulates the perineum. The Hugo contains an amazing 6 intense vibration modes, which you can adjust to suit your exact pleasuring needs. Whether you’re a first-time prostate massager user or an experienced pro, Hugo can be easily used by all levels, on its own or with a partner.

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Hula Beads:

The breakthrough luxury Hula beads are the first remote-controlled pleasure beads that vibrate and rotate internally. Its wireless range is an amazing 39 feet! The Hula beads were designed with an ultra-smooth insertable body that delivers an incredibly pleasurable hands-free stimulating experience for pure ecstasy and mind-blowing orgasms! Engineered with dual functionality, the Hula beads features a wireless remote for control of 6 vibration modes to ensure you’ll never get bored.

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Dr. Laura Berman’s Ishtar:

Ishtar is a superior, ergonomically designed remote controlled vibrator developed by trusted physician, Dr. Laura Berman. It contains 5 intense functions of pulsation and escalation, so you can customize your pleasuring with a wide variety of different sensations and speeds. You’ll love how Ishtar is fully waterproof for shower, pool and tub-time fun. It can be used both internally and externally for superior pleasuring.

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