Back in 1968, the giant Japanese company, Hitachi, created an innovative vibrating muscle massager intended to relieve tension, aches and pains throughout the body. It proved so effective, Hitachi decided to call it the Magic Wand. The Magic Wand has an attractive, sturdy appearance, and is 12 inches long with intense vibrations delivered by a rubberized head.

Hitachi insisted the main purpose of the Magic Wand was for therapeutic use on sore, tired muscles. But sex educator, Betty Dodson, had something else in mind. In the late 1960s, she began popularizing the Magic Wand’s use as a vibrator and masturbation tool for women. Women were overjoyed to discover the Magic Wand is an effective clitoral vibrator and it was able to provide them with over-the-moon orgasms. The Magic Wand soon became the massager they turned to when they wanted immediate physical pleasure.

As word spread about the Magic Wand’s amazing ability to provide sexual satisfaction, therapists began recommending it to their female patients who had trouble reaching orgasm. But Hitachi wasn’t happy about that. They continued to insist the Magic Wand was designed for health care purposes, not as a sex toy.

However, The Magic Wand’s popularity as a vibrator continued to grow after it was featured in a 2002 episode of the hit television show, Sex and the City. Hitachi panicked, and temporarily stopped making the Magic Wand because they didn’t like it being known as a sex toy. The company, Vibratex, convinced them to return to manufacturing it, but under the name “Original Magic Wand,” so it was no longer attached to the Hitachi brand. In 2014, they began calling it, “Magic Wand Original”.

The “Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology” published a 1979 study which found that the Magic Wand was the most effective method for women who suffered from sexual dysfunction to reach orgasm. In 2008, the “Scientific World Journal” reported that over 93% of a group of 500 women could reach orgasm using the Magic Wand and the Betty Dodson method.

Sex Counselors throughout the country began recommending the Magic Wand to women, including Bettina Arndt, Gloria Brama, Dr. Laura Berman and D. Ruth Westheimer. Cosmopolitan magazine claims the Magic Wand is the vibrator most highly recommended by sex therapists. In a survey conducted by Mobile magazine, its readers voted the Magic Wand “the No. 1 greatest gadget of all time.” The film, Hysteria, included the Magic Wand in their history of the vibrator. It was called by Endgadget as “the most recognizable sex toy on Earth.” is so proud to carry the Rolls Royce of vibrators, the Magic Wand Original at the most affordable price on the market. Click here to order.