If you’re an older adult, you may wonder if there are any adult toys designed for your unique needs.

According to a new study by the AARP, the vast majority older people say sex is essential for their well being, happiness and quality of life.

In the hit Netflix sitcom, Grace and Frankie, the main characters played by Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda invented a groundbreaking vibrator for older women. They designed it to be lightweight for seniors who might have arthritis or painful joints, had glow in the dark buttons for easy viewing of the controls, and a comfortable soft handle.

While that fictional sex toy doesn’t exist, ComeNPlay.ca is proud to sell many innovative and easy to operate toys for older adults that have similar supportive features.

Sex toys designed for older adults take into account common problems associated with aging, such as erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, decreased sexual sensations and more.

Some of our older customer’s preferences include softer toys made of silicone, not plastics and toys that offer a wide selection of intensities, so they can customize their pleasuring for the needs of their bodies. Men with erectile dysfunction and other issues often associated with aging find cock rings and penis pumps to be both enjoyable and beneficial. Our mature customers also love our sex furniture that cushions painful arthritic joints and stiff muscles for the most comfortable erotic experiences.

Here are a few of our most popular toys for older adults:

Glo Rabbit Heating Vibe by Jimmy Jane:

Perfect for older women, our revolutionary Glo Rabbit Vibrator is the first of its kind that actually emits heat during internal use for warm, sensual sensations. It boasts an extremely powerful, Japanese motor, which is enhanced by a flexible shape for superior comfort. Its clitoral stimulator gently teases the clitoris for mind-melting pleasures. Older women love the comfortable EZ Grip Handle, and the Rabbit is constructed out of premium silicone that’s soft on the body.

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Couples who are in their golden years, but are young at heart love the revolutionary features of the TIANI 3 for superior erotic exploration. The TIANI 3 is a vibrating insertable massager that’s worn by the woman during sex. Cleverly designed, its two potent motors vibrate both outside and inside the body, so the man also simultaneously experiences mind-blowing stimulation and pleasure. Remote controlled with a wireless range of up to 39 feet, you can change the intensity of the vibrations with just a slight tilt of the wrist.

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Rechargeable Stamina Pump by California Exotics:

Our older male customers adore the Stamina Pump, and for good reason! It’s simple to use with only one hand, and at the push of a button, you can change between the four amazing levels of suction. Another benefit is the breakthrough pump’s flanged base that securely seals in suction, and it’s a quick release valve, which maintains suction while relieving pressure. The built-in cylinder allows you to conveniently track your progress.

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LUNA Beads by LELO:

LUNA Beads are perfect for older women who are looking for intense adjustable pleasure and stronger climaxes. Similar to Kegel balls, LUNA beads gently build up vaginal muscle strength, increase lubrication and help maintain elasticity of the vaginal wall. These interchangeable beads gently vibrate in response to your body’s movements. Each set comes with two sizes in different weights for customized pleasuring and delicious sensations.

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One of our most popular G-spot vibrators for older women, the gorgeous GIGI 2 is built to satisfy. Extremely comfortable and simple to use, the GIGI is made from the silkiest, softest premium silicone with a flattened tip that’s shaped to deliver targeted vibrations to your greedy G-spot. In older women, less blood flow to the vagina and clitoris often means decreased sensitivity. The GIGI solves that problem with your choice of 8 adjustable and intense vibration patterns, which ensures arousal and multiple cataclysmic climaxes.

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Progasm Prostate Massager by Aneros:

Progasm Prostate Massager is the most advanced stimulator on the market for hands-free P-spot orgasms. Older men love how Progasm’s thick, contoured head and angled stem provide amazing stimulation on the prostate for sky-high pleasure. It has a round, ball-shaped tab, which provides adjustable pressure on the perineum. A second tab, applies pressure on a sensitive acupressure point that’s located directly below the tailbone, which delivers additional pleasurable sensations throughout the entire body.

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