Are you fed-up with your boyfriend struggling to find your G-spot? We don’t blame you! The G-spot is the most elusive erogenous zone, as it’s located on the inner front wall of the vagina. Your inner pearl requires repeated stimulation and pressure, but the effort is well worth it for the most explosive, multiple orgasms!

Happily, now there’s a solution to inept boyfriends who can’t locate your G-spot in the dark. G-spot vibrators are engineered with a gentle curve to precisely target your inner pearl with the most sublime stimulation and delicious vibrations! Many of them also feature a clitoral stimulator for even more powerful climaxes.

We’ve made the selection easier for you by featuring our most popular G-spot vibrators:

Lucid Dreams: One of the most versatile G-spot toys on the market, the Lucid Dreams is a highly flexible jelly vibrator with a revolutionary design that expertly stimulates your G-spot with both deep and shallow penetration. The best part? Its versatile shape boasts a curved bulb and upward tip, so it provides twice the stimulation you’d receive from other G-spot vibrators on the market!

It’s 100% waterproof for shower, pool and tub-time erotic fun. And if you’re looking for discreet pleasuring, you’ll be blown away by Lucid Dreams powerful multispeed motor that’s whisper quiet.

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Tiani 3: Our wildly popular Tiani 3 provides the ultimate in G-spot pleasuring! You’ll love its convenient wireless remote control, which is perfect for solo play or with a partner. You’ll only be limited by a lack of imagination. Created out of Ultra-premium silicone, the Tiani is deliciously soft, fits any body shape, and can bend and flex to perfectly target all your sweet spots. Imagine the multiple climaxes as the larger curve stimulates your clitoris, and the slimmer portion simultaneously massages your greedy G-spot.

Unlike other G-spot vibrators, you’ll be able to custom design your pleasuring like never before with its 8 patterns of super satisfying vibrations.

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Gigi 2: Our wildly popular Gigi 2 is a powerful satisfaction machine! Brilliantly engineered with 8 amazing vibration patterns, it’s packed with more pleasure-providing power than other G-spot vibrators on the market. Now, orgasm heaven is yours for the taking whenever and wherever you want it, thanks to the remarkable Gigi 2.

Truly a work of art, its silky soft silicone vibe is designed with a flattened tip to deliver super charged stimulation directly to your G-spot. It’s simple to operate with 8 powerful, yet whisper quiet, vibration patterns, ensuring you’ll never get bored! Whisper quiet for the most discreet operation. The only sounds you’ll need to worry about are your shrieks of joy waking the neighbors during the multiple climaxes that Gigi 2 provides!

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Isla: Hello gorgeous! When you see the beautiful Isla, you’ll understand why its spectacular design would fit right into a museum. And it’s as pleasurable to use as it is to behold. With an elegant, flowing silhouette, the Isla’s revolutionary shape is perfectly contoured to fit the female form, ensuring precision stimulation of your inner pearl for cataclysmic climaxes!

Its shaft gently curves so Isla can nestle comfortably inside you, while the stimulating bulbous head gently massages the G-spot for mind melting satisfaction. Super easy to operate even on the highest settings, it also has a convenient finger lock for superior control.

You’ll be able to control your pleasuring like never before. The Isla offers 6 super charged functions, along with variable speed settings so you’ll never get bored. Whether you like your solo play nice and slow or demand instant gratification, Isla has you covered with multiple highly satisfying options!

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Tara: If your boyfriend has trouble locating your G-Spot, the terrific multi-talented Tara never misses its target! Its the perfect and affordable solution for superior intimate massage of your most hungry internal and external sweet spots. The ergonomically shaped Tara provides deliciously intense vibrations to the clitoris, while its thin, rotating shaft also stimulates your G-spot. Its boasts an innovative design so it can be worn during sex to deliver additional pleasure to both you and your partner. Win-win!

Ergonomically shaped, you’re able to choose from 5 sublime adjustable orgasmic patterns to customize your pleasuring like never before.

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